Who says there are no free lunches? At casinoonline-canada , you can get extra chips even if you don't make any preliminary deposits. Use these to wager on your Roulette game and come home a winner. There are other several casinos in Canada that offer bonuses to players. What are these bonuses, and how do you get them?

Sign-up bonuses and online Roulette

You get this bonus as soon as you sign-up with an online casino. There are two ways of getting this Roulette bonus. In the first case, you get it simply by creating your account. No deposits are to be made, and you get this benefit immediately. In the second way, your casin gives you a 100-200% matching bonus.

This bonus is given after you have deposited the minimum amount . So, if your amount is 10 CAD, you might get the same amount as Deposit Bonus from your casino. Please note that this bonus is meant for wagering only and is subject to several terms and conditions. Bonuses are virtual money and can be redeemed by inputting Bonus Codes.

Reload and Loyalty Bonuses

If you reload your bonuses on a weekly or monthly basis, you might get a Reload Bonus. Many online casinos provide this benefit to their loyal customers. The latter also receive loyalty bonuses for sticking around with their casinos for a long time. These schemes encourage the player to play more, and spend more on that casino.

Bothe these bonuses come with a set of rules and regulations. Before signing up with your online casino, read the fine print carefully. That said, these bonuses can be used to unlock several hidden features in your online Roulette. Uncovering those will help you win small amounts of money during the course of the game.

What are High Roller Bonuses?

Sometimes matching bonuses do not entice high rollers. They would need benefits that satiate their immense appetite for risk. High Roller bonuses do precisely that. A High Roller is one who bets very high amounts. Bonuses awarded to these players are very high. However, high rollers need to deposit much more than the others players to get these bonuses.

Typically, a high roller is expected to deposit at least $100 to avail of his bonus. In return the casino gives the high roller better betting options, and a higher percentage of winnings. The principle is simple; higher your risk, equally high will be your benefits. High Rollers also receive personalized services from their casinos.

VIP Bonuses and online Roulette

You get these bonuses through invites. These aren't meant for everybody, and you will have to play enough number of games in order to be considered a VIP. VIP bonuses are meant for average players; the online casino wants them to play more, stake more and help the casino earn more. Once you receive it, you get several benefits.

Often times, online casinos reward you for signing up via specified route. This means if you sign up with Casino A through a specific website, you are given an exclusive bonus. You might also be rewarded if you make payments through specific options such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. Look out for monthly bonus offers too.

Some bonus terms and conditions

Your bonus is subject to several terms and conditions. Firstly, it has to be consumed within a certain time period. If you don't use your bonus in the said period, it is nullified. Secondly, several online casinos insist that you will have to meet certain wagering requirements before cashing out from your game.

For example, if you receive a matching bonus of $100, you will have to wager $100 +$100 =200 CAD by certain factor. This factor could be 15-20% of this total amount. If its 20%, your wagering requirement is 20% of 200 = 4. So you will have to bet 200x 4 = 800 CAD to satisfy the casino's requirements.

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